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Aug 2017

Review from Alicia R.

Where do I start this ortho office is amazing. The atmosphere is inviting and fun. This office is very high tech, modern, and clean.You can tell they all enjoy what they do. The assistants in the back are very knowledgeable and have great people skills. My kids are both in treatment here. They look forward to their appointments.They like the rewards program and earning points. The girls and doctors are very detailed oriented and take pride in their work.I appreciate that they take the time to listen to our concerns and answer are questions. What are you waiting for give them a call! I wouldn't send my family, friends, or patients any where else.

Jul 2017

Review from Tresha G.

It's probably been 10 years since Phelps & Cohen first treated me, but I visited recently for some upkeep, and the office and staff were somehow even more professional and delightful than I remembered. Especially Dr. Cohen!

Jul 2017

Review from Jenna E.

They gave me a free replacement retainer when I accidentally left mine behind at a restaurant and it was thrown out when the table was cleared.Back when I had braces, they listened when I said I was freaked out about cutting the wire while it was in my mouth and started measuring it with the old wire and cutting it outside of my mouth, which probably made things take longer for them but I felt much better.And, like many have mentioned, they use newer techniques so I did not have to have any teeth removed before my braces. I had a palate expander instead.

Jun 2017

Review from Maria A.

Great office with exceptional care and staff. Highly recommend!

Jun 2017

Review from Moss F.

In every way, outstanding. Phelps and Cohen has been a very pleasant experience for our family. The office staff are always friendly and professional. Not once in over two years were we seen late. Kids get to participate in the check in process via a touch screen in the lobby. These folks don't miss a beat. The office is beautiful and has a very positive vibe. The orthodontists are knowledgeable, gentle and very positive.  My son's smile is amazing and we are so impressed with the outcome. I highly recommend Phelps and Cohen.

May 2017

Review from Kat S.

Beginning ortho plan for my 8 year old.  Staff is great and we have had a great experience so far.  Thank you!

May 2017

Review from Nainoa E.

Apr 2017

Review from Angie Z.

I visited about two days ago with my mother for a second opinion about my braces and Dr. Phelps was extremely helpful. He gave us all the options and explained the process and outcomes of each. Previously we had spent more than 5k on Invisalign which did not actually move my teeth. Dr. Phelps was visibly upset about this and gave us ways to get our money back like contacting the Dental Society. He was extremely nice and I recommend him for everyone!

Mar 2017

Review from Atoosa S.

Dr. Cohen is da bomb! He cares so much about his patients. With me, he did the impossible. I had a narrow upper jaw due to congenital cleft palate. After having a SARPE surgery, he worked with me to expand my upper jaw. After my second jaw surgery, a LeFort I, he straightened my teeth perfectly. I have just gotten my braces off. He polished my teeth white. I was planning to do a whitening treatment. I don't need to any more.I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror. I always dreamed of looking this good, but never really expected it to happen. The office is clean and filled with supplies. It runs like a well-oiled machine. Every staff member in this office is sweet, kind, and well trained. They sent me flowers after my second surgery. This is one of the best businesses I've ever seen. I cannot recommend Phelps and Cohen enough!I should also mention, the office sent me flowers while I was recovering from surgery, and presented me with a congratulatory bag of candy and popcorn when they took my braces off. So awesome!

Jan 2017

Review from Holly M.

We are very pleased with Dr. Phelps and Cohen!  We looked at several places before deciding on a orthodontist.  The office and staff are very kind, and welcoming.  In addition, everything was explained to us in great detail.  We are always seen on time or early, which is nice.  The office is run extremely smoothly, and is always clean and tidy.

Dec 2016

Review from Four P.

If you're asking yourself why a place has consistently 5 star reviews... stop.  Don't question anymore.  Just realize that this is the place to go.  Dr.  Phelps and Dr. Cohen and the team are so accommodating, kind and skilled.  Don't consider any other orthodontist.  You've found the place to go.

Sep 2016

Review from Mona O.

My visit to Phelps & Cohen was probably the best/most helpful dentist/doctor/ortho visit I've ever had. First of all, the consultation was free. Dr. Cohen and his assistant gave me a lot of attention and time, even though we discovered at the start of my appt that they didnt accept my insurance. I couldnt have asked for a better experience. I left with all the answers I needed.

Sep 2016

Review from LaTrece J.

This team is amazing. I was 25 when I got my braces and all I wanted was to get them off as soon as possible. I was probably the most impatient patient they had. But Dr. Le and team were great at telling me all the options I had. I decided to choose the Damon System along with the use of Acceledent. Although the price was significantly higher than traditional braces, I was determined to have the best results in the shortest period my teeth allowed. Even after seeing results within the first 4 months, I didn't think everything was fast enough. But after the first few appointments, I actually looked forward to chatting it up with the team (much more than the adjustments). Wonderful group of ladies (and gentleman).Fast forward 22 months later and my braces are finally off as of Monday.  When I looked in the mirror that night, I got tears because I have never had the beautiful smile that I have now and no words can explain the confidence that I have now.I now know when someone is looking at my face, they aren't staring at my crooked teeth. They are looking at my amazing smile and none of that would have been possible without the team at Phelps and Cohen.I would recommend them to anyone contemplating on improving their smile and regaining that confidence.

Aug 2016

Review from Nicole C.

Aug 2016

Review from Stephanie S.

Aug 2016

Review from Jalitaa C.

Aug 2016

Review from T M.

Aug 2016

Review from Mohit G.

Dr. Cohen is great at treating patients.

Aug 2016

Review from Sarah S.

Dr. Phelps and Cohen both were very good with my son with High Functioning Autism. Their patience and calm demeanor were greatly appreciated. The support staff was also highly effective in dealing with his strong opinions and offered sage advice in a warm and friendly way! Braces are off today, and my son has beautiful straight teeth! Thank you Phelps and Cohen Orthodontics!!!

Aug 2016

Review from Rebecca G.

This review has been long overdue. Dr. Cohen has been so amazing. He has been working with my son Brian since phase 1, which he is now in phase 2. There has been a lot going on with his teeth which has even required surgery at one point. Dr. Cohen has made everything so easy and comfortable. I truly feel and see he has love and desire for his work. The staff is also amazing. Very friendly and accommodating. The atmosphere makes you feel like your at home. Very family oriented.

Jun 2016

Review from Jill S.

The best ortho is soutbay.   My daughter was very nervous and anxious about getting braces.  After her exam, they found something strange with her jaw (wasn't closing properly) and recommended the dreaded headgear.  They never were pushy about it, said it was our choice.  They did an outstanding job making my daughter comfortable and at ease with transition to braces/headgear.  The headgear wasn't a big deal at all,my daughter got used to it very quick.Everyone is really nice here, the finance person, the front desk gals are very charming and nice too.  Seems like everyone goes here, so many neighbors and friends.  We actually saw my daughter's math teacher there today too lol.  Especially like how they always got us in when one of her brackets was loose .  She got her braces off today and her teeth are beautiful.  Thank you Phelps & Cohen!

Apr 2016

Review from Julie S.

Drs. Phelps and Cohen have been working with my teenage son on his orthodontics.  They have been outstanding.  My son's smile looks terrific.  I always felt that they were offering me their best professional opinion in regard to treatment.  When there were decisions to be made, they always took the time to explain our options. Orthodontic work is an investment, but this office is the best.  I referred a friend's daughter who had a bad experience elsewhere and they were able to fix the problems that others had caused.  My friend was really appreciative of the referral.The staff is always friendly and responsive.  On all levels - quality of work, quality of service, and professionalism I give them the highest rating.

Nov 2015

Review from Theresa M.

Office and staff are extremely welcoming. It's clean and great professionalism. Everything was explained to me on great detail; no pressure. My only concern was my insurance because I was told I did not have coverage and considered out of pocket expenses. Looked up my insurance and I have 1500 and then 50% co-insurance; so I'll need to discuss that with the office staff. Otherwise wonderful experience.They give you Options on how you'd like to be reminded of appointments: email, text and phone call. I highly recommend this office to any and everyone.

Sep 2015

Review from Alyssa W.

I had to get braces a second time around because I was dumb in high school, and didn't wear my retainers. I got a consultation with 3 different orthos before I decided on Phelps & Cohen. Out of the 3, they were the most expensive, but it was worth it. Dr. Cohen was the one I worked with. From the beginning, he was very straightforward in explaining everything to me, giving me the pros and cons with his honest professional experience, and was open to all the questions I asked. Out of the 3, he was the one I felt like I can trust the most. Their office is also very clean, very neat, and very professional. I decided to go with Phelps & Cohen because of those reasons. Also, you get a slight discount if you pay everything upfront instead of a payment plan. I would suggest that if you can afford to do so.This is literally the first Dr's practice I've been at where my appointments were always consistently ON TIME. HUGE plus. Every other doctors and dentists office I've ever been to, I've always have to wait even though I always show up on time. With Phelps & Cohen, the receptionists are always smiling, have great attitudes, and I always get seen within 5-10 minutes of walking in. Dr. Cohen does a great job of explaining what he is doing and why, so I always felt at ease. After my braces finally came off and I got my retainers, I had a cavity filled which slightly altered the shape my teeth, making the plastic retainers not fit anymore. They were generous enough to see me to make a mold and gave me a set of retainers free of charge, even though it wasn't their fault that my retainers didn't fit anymore. I was actually almost sad that I don't have to go back! Now I just have to find a dentist with the same professionalism.

Aug 2015

Review from Alin C.

THE BEST ORTHODONTIST Always accommodatingAlways on timeSuper knowledgeable Beyond kid friendly

Mar 2015

Review from Giovanna R.

Definitely awesome service! I just got my braces on today so words cannot explain how excited I am to finally get them! Sarah is great with explaining the finances and Dr. Phelps is so kind and accommodating. Margarette (sorry if I misspelled it) is the best dental assistant ever!! She is extremely nice. I wish we could duplicate her. She is the best! Hands down. She is new to Cali but you would never know. I hope she is the one to always assist when I go there again. Anyways, I definitely recommend these guys!

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