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Airway Analysis Procedure

What is Airway Analysis?

Airway analysis is the clinical application of cephalometric which is the process of analyzing the patient's dental and skeletal relationship. I-Cat and 3D X-rays can also be taken which provide precise information about the dentin and the anatomy of the nose which helps to improve the patient’s health. They are used to study the bone, soft tissues, facial abnormalities, and other problems as well. These methods of analysis are used by dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, and orthodontists too. Patients can view their own airway anatomy with the help of 3D imaging which allows them to understand what is wrong and how the treatment works.

What is the Use of Airway Analysis?

This method is extremely useful for dentists because it helps:
  • In orthodontic diagnosis, treatment, and planning procedures.
  • It is a useful method that is used prior to treatment to assess the condition of the patient’s airway.
  • It is used for clinical purposes and can also be used to determine malocclusion problems since it gives precise data.
  • In oral and maxillofacial surgery it helps in the treatment and research process.
  • The process is a very useful guide in dentistry to gauge the spatial relationship between the teeth, jaws, and so on.

What is the Procedure for Airway Analysis?

The procedure for analysis of the patient's airway involves the use of a 3D X-ray or I-Cat scan. The X-ray reveals to the dentist whether the patient's airway is normal. A regular airway is important for the growth of the craniofacial structure. When there is a problem with the patient's airway, it can force the patient to breathe through the mouth. This leads to the lips being parted and the mandible being lowered. The patient's facial skeleton, development of the face, and mandible are affected by problems in the airway. Therefore this procedure is very important and useful. If you are facing problems like the ones mentioned above then it would be useful for you to undergo an airway analysis. This procedure is simple, effective, and can help patients have better facial structure and dental health.

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